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Chocolate Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

Indulge in These Salty-Sweet Chocolate Ganache Thumbprint Cookies

Dense, chewy, chocolate-rich, and salty, these thumbprints satisfy. Thankfully, given their dainty one- to two-bite size, one can indulge in two, even three cookies without feeling like you, well, overindulged.

Rolling, shaping, and filling these cookies takes a little bit of time, but probably less than you assume they will. Both the dough and ganache are simple to make, and the more time-consuming steps feel almost meditative, rather than frustrating.

One small warning: the ganache remains slightly malleable even after firming up, so if you can avoid it, don't stack these cookies in a tin; if you must, layer with parchment paper for slightly less-messy results. For this reason, they're perhaps best for when you're hosting, versus toting to work or a friend's house.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry
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