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Crispy Crab & Prawn Money Bags, With Chestnut & Coriander

Crispy Crab and Prawn Money Bags Are the Perfect Thai Appetizer For Your Songkran Party

Also known as Thung Tong Sai Poo, these crispy crab and prawns money bags, with water chestnut, coriander, and sweet chili sauce are great for sharing.

Pai Thai, one of the best South East Asian restaurants in Dubai, shares their recipe.

Crispy Crab and Prawns Money Bag, Water Chestnut, Coriander, Sweet Chili Sauce

Pai Thai

Crispy Crab & Prawn Money Bags, With Chestnut & Coriander


  1. 200g Prawns (remove shell)
  2. 50g Crab meat
  3. 5gCoriander root
  4. 3g Salt
  5. 5g Sugar white
  6. 3g White pepper powder
  7. 5g Spring roll party
  8. 5g Yellow noodle


  1. Chop the prawn and crab meat until minced to make stuffing, then add chopped coriander root, salt, sugar and white pepper powder. Mix well.
  2. Make the spring roll pastry and roll it out before filling with the stuffing.
  3. Close the mouth of dough by tying with the rope made from rice noodle.
  4. Transfer to deep fried in hot oil until golden brown color and crispy.
  5. Serve with sweet plum sauce.
Image Source: Pai Thai
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