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Dating a Vegetarian

Why Being Vegetarian Is a Deal-Breaker For Me

I don't date vegetarians, and this is why. My relationship with food is deeper than my relationship with most people. And to describe my appetite for carbs and red meat as insatiable is putting it lightly. Food and I have a pretty good understanding of each other, which is why I allow it to determine who I see. In fact, one of the first questions I ask on a date is whether or not you're vegetarian. There are three main reasons behind my personal rule.

Dining Out is Sacred to Me and I Don't Want to Limit My Options

Dining is such a central part of a relationship — date nights, anniversary dinners, celebrations, etc. And to me, eating together is one of my favorite ways to get to know someone. You can try multiple plates and as much as I'd love to have a whole dish to myself, sharing food is all part of the fun. I don't want to be limited to what I can and can't eat. Deciding on a place to eat is difficult enough and having to further filter our preferences by vegetarian-friendly menu options makes it even harder. I want to be able to throw a dart at any restaurant and go.

Frankly, Vegetarians Dishes Just Don't Do It For Me

I'd feel guilty about dragging you somewhere that has an overwhelming number of selections for me but only a handful of mediocre ones for a vegetarian. I can't fully enjoy my rib-eye steak while my date sits across from me picking away at an appetizer. My date and I usually spend half our meal just raving about what we're eating and what we should try next. I've tried plenty of meatless alternatives and I will admit, they were good. But they didn't quite fully satisfy me. I like to indulge, simple as that. And I want to indulge with my date.

The Couple That Eats Steak Together, Stays Together

My current guy and I joke, "You know if you were vegetarian I don't think this would work out." We laugh but we both know it's completely true. Our first dinner date was at a sausage house and we often tell each other about our random steak cravings. I'm thankful at every dinner for this.

I know that one's dietary choices doesn't define a person. I respect any person's decisions and would never impose my carnivorous ways on them. Truthfully, I wouldn't say that I'd never go out with a non-meat-eater, I just prefer the other way around.

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