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Egypt Preacher Roasted For Using Islam to Sell Chicken

An Egyptian Preacher Is Being Um ... Roasted, After Using Spirituality to Sell Chicken

تعليق د.عمرو خالد علي الڤيديو المنتشر مؤخرا

Posted by Amr Khaled on Saturday, May 19, 2018

In what Egyptians are now coining "Chicken-gate" a famous Egyptian preacher has come under fire for using spirituality in a TV commercial … about chicken.

Amr Khaled is seen in a Ramadan TV commercial with Egyptian cooking show host, Asia Osman, where he stresses the importance of fasting right and also eating right, before introducing viewers to Osman, and asking her why she chose Egypt's Al Watania Poultry. He then expounds on its benefits, before he concludes the advert with a speech injected with some spirituality.

He says that not only does your mouth fast, but so does your ears and every part of your body (this is true and sighted in the Quran, it means that you have to be pure with every part of your body, what you hear, say, see and do). He also said that "the soul will not improve unless your body and stomach are in good shape, but that Asia's recipes will bring you closer to god when you pray at night and at Tarawih," reports Al Arabiya.

Errrm. Not really, but okay.

Egyptians were in an uproar after the incident and have called for his TV program to be canceled (the ad was deleted from the company's Facebook page although it is still running in Osman's cooking program). In response, Khaled took to his Facebook page to apologize through a video (that was seen by 1.6 million people), saying he takes full responsibility for his actions. He also said that it is haram to use religion to sell a product, and that in his 20 years of working, he has made mistakes and had successes. Because he is human.

But Arabs wouldn't be Arabs if they didn't' roast him a little bit. @Bu_Nasser_011 said in Arabic: "Two chickens for the fasting."

Another, @Shamyahmed44 posted a fake image saying Amr Khaled blocked her and she captions it: "Blocking in Ramadan in haram, Sheikh Khaled. Okay I promise to stop eating the Holy Al Wataniya chicken!"

@mslmmslm88 posted a picture that says it all.

There's also an image circulating of Khaled's face in a KFC-style logo (with the initials AKC – for Amr Khaled Chicken) and the slogan: "Chicken for the soul … Finger Lickin' good!" throwing shade on his TV commercial preaching).

Image Source: Facebook user AmrKhaled
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