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Emoji Cookies | Food Video

You'll Be All Heart Eyes Over These Emoji Cookies

Using words to communicate your feelings is so 2005. Let's be real, emojis have become our main platform of communication and we're not upset about it. And there will be nothing cuter or funnier than posting an Instagram picture of these amazing Emoji face cookies! And if you're feeling extra thorough, refer to the Emojipedia before creating these hilarious little guys!

Emoji Cookies


Emoji Cookies


  1. 2" diameter cookies
    Yellow fondant
    Black fondant
    Red fondant
    White fondant
    Brown fondant
    Powdered sugar
    Rolling pin
    Printed emoji stencils
    Paring knife
    Small heart cookie cutters
    Food-safe paintbrushes
    Buttercream frosting


  1. Start with cookies that are 2" in diameter.
  2. Roll out fondant on a clean surface. Tip: Use powdered sugar or cornstarch to help fondant from sticking.
  3. Use emoji stencils to cut out circles for faces.
  4. Use various colored fondant for details. Optional: Dust hearts and tongues with luster dust.
  5. Assemble fondant faces using water as glue.
  6. Cover cookies with buttercream frosting and then add emoji face on top.

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