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Exploding Gnocchi Video

This Hilarious Video Demonstrates Why You Should Never Fry Gnocchi

As full-blown pasta addicts, we'll consume heaps of its starchy goodness regardless of the preparation, whether it's a creamy mac and cheese or a plate of iconic spaghetti and meatballs. We especially love gnocchi. The chewy pillows of potato dough lend themselves well to any of your favorite sauces, including pesto and alfredo. But despite their versatility, this video from Webstaurant Store proves that not all cooking methods work well on gnocchi.

The brand's product specialist, Steve Ziegler, planned on making a batch of buffalo-style gnocchi and started by deep-frying the little dumplings. When they didn't start to rise to the surface of the oil, however, Ziegler decided to raise the heat. As they turned golden brown, he began scooping them out — when a gnocco suddenly exploded out of the pot and across the room! He quickly fished them all from the oil and laid them on a cooling rack, but that's when the gnocchi started bursting like fireworks.

See for yourself: the hilarity of detonating dumplings (and Ziegler's giggles) will have you laughing out loud. Plus, you'll learn an important lesson . . . never fry gnocchi.

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