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Gigi Hadid's Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

You've Never Seen Anyone Make Yorkshire Pudding More Adorably Than Gigi Hadid

In an enchanting and surreal video for British Vogue, Gigi Hadid teaches Gigi Hadid how to make Yorkshire pudding. Yes, you read that right. While sporting a chef's coat and apron, the supermodel dictates the recipe to a more dressed-down version of herself, resulting in one adorable cooking class.

For starters, Gigi recommended preheating the pan by leaving it in the oven as it makes its way up to 410°F. Then, she outlines how her method deviates from others. "Most people mix all the ingredients together at once but the correct way to do it is to mix the milk and egg mixtures first." Shortly thereafter, mix together oil, a pinch of salt, and flour. Add oil to a muffin pan and pour the mixture directly into the center of the oil so that the pudding rises evenly at the top.

In addition to her recipe, Gigi shared some of her culinary fears — namely "failure" — and a strange eating habit from her past. "I used to eat salt out of the palm of my hand as a kid," she said through laughter. As for her favorite restaurant, Gigi sweetly said it was her boyfriend's mom's house.

Watch the sweet video, above, and then check out Gigi's take on tomato soup.

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