How to Prep Peppers For Jalapeño Poppers

16/05/2018 - 05:40 PM

I adore jalapeño poppers [1] so much that they'd be a guaranteed part of my last meal — but up until recently, I'd never made them at home. This was in large part due to past misadventures in hot pepper handling (key takeaway: no matter what happens, don't touch your face when working with chiles). But this weekend, I finally overcame my fear of prepping poppers, and guess what? It wasn't nearly as scary as I'd thought. Follow a few careful steps, and you're sure to find success with these, not only in the kitchen, but also at the Super Bowl [2] party table.

Step 1: Slice through half the chile lengthwise.

Start with washed and dried jalapeños. Lay them down in a steady position first so they don't start rolling, then use a paring knife to make a slit halfway through the pepper from stem to tip.

Step 2: Slice through half the chile crosswise.

Form a "T" slice by making a second crosswise cut, perpendicular to the first, right under the stem. Again, only cut through half of the chile; you don't want to lop the whole top off.

Step 3: Open the flaps to reveal all the pepper's seeds and veins.

This is where all the heat is. You'll want to remove as much of it as possible, unless you like really fiery jalapeño poppers.

Step 4: Remove the seeds and veins.

You could use a knife or a small spoon to scrape out the pepper's inner workings, but I prefer to remove them with my fingers — through gloves or a disposable plastic bag, of course.

Step 5: Rinse off any remains, and get ready to stuff!

An easy way to rid yourself of the seeds is to run each chile through a stream of running water. Your popper's ready to be stuffed with a delicious cheese filling! Just remember to wash your hands, and whatever you do, don't scratch your eyes.

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