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Gyro Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Killer App: Gyro Jalapeno Poppers

After salivating over this lamb sausage, feta, and romesco pizza, I had a hankering for the ground meat myself. I was all set to go for kabob e kubideh until I spotted a recipe for the appetizer of my dreams — gyro jalapeno poppers, stuffed with red onion, oregano, and ground lamb. My stomach made the ultimate vote: Greek-style stuffed lamb poppers it was!

Prepping jalapenos for poppers can be a bit gnarly. By the fourth chile or so, I could feel the capsaicin gripping the back of my throat and olfactory system as I ripped out its seeds and veins. But the end result is so very worth it: it's a heartier, more captivating version of the addictive appetizer. Curious to see how it's made? Just keep reading.

Step 1: Slice through half the chile lengthwise.

Step 2: Slice through half the chile crosswise.

Step 3: Open the flaps to reveal all the pepper's seeds and veins.

Step 4: Remove the seeds and veins.

Step 5: Rinse off any remains, and get ready to stuff!
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