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Hünkar Beğendi Kebab Recipe From Gunaydin Dubai

A New Dubai Restaurant Got Its Name From This Tasty Lamb Kebab Recipe

The story behind the Hünkar Beğendi Kebab (lamb served on a bed of creamy roasted eggplant puree) goes as follows: The Ottoman Empire's Sultan Suleiman wanted a special dish prepared just for him, so his cook made him a dish which consists of the ingredients he loved; lamb meat and eggplant. The name of the dish is Hünkar Beğendi which literally means Hunkar (Sultan) liked. The cook asked the servant if the sultan liked the dish he prepared and the servant replied, Hünkar Beğendi.

This newly-launched restaurant in Dubai's Souk Al Bahar offers stunning views of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Here's how to recreate their famous dish.

Hünkar Beğendi Kebab (lamb served on a bed of creamy roasted eggplant puree)

Gunaydin Dubai

Hünkar Beğendi Kebab Recipe From Gunaydin Dubai


  1. For the Eggplant Puree:
    Eggplant 400
    Butter 50g
    Flour 10g
    Cheese 80g
    Milk 100g
    Salt and pepper
  1. For the meat:
    250g Trimmed, boneless lamb leg meat, diced into 3 cm pieces
    1/2 Piece Tomato, finely chopped
    1 Piece Green capsicum, finely chopped
    1 Piece Red capsicum, finely chopped
    20g Tomato sauce
    Salt and pepper


For the Eggplant puree:

  1. Grill eggplant. Once done, mash and mix with milk, butter, cheese, flour, salt and pepper.

For the Lamb kebab:

  1. Cook the meat at 180 degrees for 90 minutes together with onion, tomato and green and red capsicum.
  2. To serve, place the eggplant puree on top of the bread, top with the lamb and scatter with parsley.
Image Source: Gunaydin Dubai
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