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Health Benefits of Adding Egg to Salad

Adding This One Item To Your Salads Has Major Health Benefits

You're already loading your salad with a variety of vegetables, fruits, and proteins, but adding one ingredient on top of your dish could help you get the most out of your next lunch.

Salads typically are packed with vitamin E-- the vitamin that helps keep our immune and circulatory systems running smoothly--but even if you try to make greens a regular part of your diet, it's likely that you're not getting the full recommended 15 milligrams a day. The best way to instantly boost your vitamin E intake? Add an egg to your salad.

This simple and delicious addition can help you absorb up to 7.5 times more vitamin E from the other vegetables in your salad than if you'd eaten them without the egg. As noted in a study from Purdue University, vitamin E is fat-soluble, meaning that it gets absorbed in the body with fats such as seeds, nuts, and oils. While vitamin E is present in the vegetables in your salad, the body can't absorb it without fats---which the egg provides.

According to Travel and Leisure, "Researchers analyzed blood samples from the volunteers after each salad was consumed, and found that absorption of two forms of Vitamin E—alpha tocopherol and gamma tocopherol—was 7.5 and 4.5 times greater, respectively, in those who ate three eggs compared to those who ate none. (That's not counting the small amount of Vitamin E found in eggs themselves.) There was no statistically significant absorption improvement for those who ate the smaller egg portion, suggesting that three whole eggs may be needed in order to truly reap such benefits."

So next time you're packing lunch, boil and egg and throw it on top of your salad--your body will thank you!

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