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How to Butterfly a Turkey

The Trick to Roasting the "Juiciest, Crispiest, Fastest-Cooking Turkey"

The most interesting part about this">Thanksgiving sandwich video from Youtube user Andrew Rea isn't the fact that he's assembling a Moistmaker, the famous leftovers sandwich from Friends that Ross obsesses over. It's the genius techniques he applies to the turkey he roasts. First, he does what's called butterflying the turkey by cutting out the spine using poultry shears, or extremely sharp scissors built to cut through the bone. He then stretches the turkey on a large rimmed sheet pan and presses down on the breast of the bird to flatten the whole thing out. He coats the bird "like a light snowfall" with a dry brine (2 tablespoons baking soda to a cup of salt) and allows the turkey to marinate for a full 24 hours in the fridge before patting completely dry with paper towels. The brined bird goes on top of a few racks placed inside a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet and into the oven! Andrew calls this method the "juiciest, crispiest, fastest-cooking turkey," and we're apt to believe him! Take a look at the full video to learn how to make homemade turkey stock, gravy, cranberry sauce, and sausage dressing in about 6 minutes. Impressive, indeed!

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