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How to Make Brown-Bag Lunches Taste Better

How to Make a First Aid Kit For Lunch

Sad desk lunches are all too common of an occurrence. There's no need to be merely satiated by your midday meal when you could be satisfied instead. Whether you're noshing on leftovers, picking up some so-so sushi from the Japanese restaurant down the street, or raiding your office's kitchen for a quick fix, this DIY first aid kit for lunch can come to the rescue.

Here's What You'll Need

  • A container of some sort: Keep things organized by tucking all the components into a container, rather than letting everything roll around in your desk drawer.
    Pictured: The Container Store Rectangular Tin ($5)
  • Nut-butter packets: Swirl it into instant oatmeal, make a PB&J (or almond butter toast), or nosh on it with apple slices.
    Pictured: Justin's Squeeze Packs ($12 for 10)
    Alternative: Barney Butter ($10 for 12)
  • Soy sauce: For Asian takeout or leftovers, and adding umami to soup.
    Pictured: Little Soya ($13 for 12)
  • Olive oil: For drizzling on soup and adding richness to salads and leftovers.
    Pictured: Eliunt Sonoma Olive Oil ($44 for three)
    Alternative: Decant your favorite olive oil from a large bottle into a Dressing to Go pod ($5).
  • Hot sauce: For spicing up just about anything.
    Pictured: Dave's Insanity Cool Cayenne ($9 for four)
    Alternative: Tabasco ($1); decant sriracha into a Sriracha2Go bottle ($6).
  • Honey: Drizzle it on Greek yogurt or oatmeal, or use it to sweeten tea.
    Pictured: Honeypax ($12 for 10)
  • Sea salt: For seasoning to taste.
    Pictured: Jacobsen Slide Tin ($3)
    Alternative: Maldon Slide Tin ($2)
  • Shout wipes: For accidents; seriously, don't skip adding these to your kit.
    Pictured: Shout Wipes ($6 for 12)
  • Red pepper flakes: For spicing things up and sprinkling on soup.
    Pictured: One of those disposable containers that comes with delivery pizza.

Of course, consider these components merely as suggestions; pick and choose what suits your lifestyle. Some other things you might want to consider adding include maple syrup for oatmeal (just make sure to pick a small container and consume it quickly, as it will eventually spoil at room temperature), disposable chopsticks for tidily eating salad, or vinegar for adding zip to salads and soups.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry
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