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How Mirror Cakes Are Made

These Shiny Cakes Might Be Too Stunning to Eat

A baker from Norway is totally transforming the meaning of cake icing. Olga Noskova has skyrocketed to Instagram fame since posting images of her cake art online, and we completely comprehend why. Olga ices her cakes with a marble-like sheen in varying tones, and they actually look like they could be painted with a brush.

In response to her budding popularity, Olga posted a short video demonstrating how she pours the icing on the cake — but she doesn't reveal a complete guide. The inside of Olga's cakes are just as pleasing to the eyes: perfectly layered, intricately linear, and filled with jam! We're not sure we could re-create one of Olga's masterpieces at home, but we'll settle for a bite.

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