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How to Stop Skipping Breakfast

7 Habits I Had to Form to Finally Stop Skipping Breakfast

How to Stop Skipping Breakfast
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts

Breakfast and I have a complicated relationship. Sometimes we don't see each other for weeks, but when we're finally reunited, it's pure happiness. When breakfast isn't in my life, I really miss it, but it's not always easy to make the time for it. What I know for sure is that my days are always better when I start them with breakfast (read: no hangry stomach grumbles means more focus and productivity), and the "most important meal of day" really does make me feel complete.

After a few years in the post-grad, daily-grind world, I've finally realized that eating breakfast is a matter of mastering a routine that allows the time for it, and there are a few habits that make all the difference. Here's what I've learned and put in practice to stop being one of those people who chugs coffee and scarfs down all the snacks at 10 a.m. to fill my stomach up. To be clear, I still drink a lot of coffee, but I've come to realize it goes much better with a side of breakfast.

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