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Lamb Kofte Recipe From Babaji

Make This Lamb Kofte in 4 Easy Steps

This Lamb Kofte recipe from Babaji couldn't be easier. Just follow the four easy steps below and you'll be chowing down in no time.

Lamb Kofte


Lamb Kofte Recipe From Babaji


  1. 3g minced lamb
    40g chilli flakes
    20g salt
    30g cumin
    20g ‘yeni bahar’ or all spice mix
    10g white peppers
    1 teaspoon of sugar
    Mix well all the ingredient with the minced lamb
    300g red long capia pepper or red capsicum
    300g white onion
    100g parsley


  1. Chop all in to small dish and mix well in to the minced lamb.
  2. Make them in to the desired shape.
  3. Cook them in the grill or oven.
  4. Serve with pilav rice and pickled onion.
Image Source: Babaji
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