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Lightsaber Churros at Disneyland

Lightsaber Churros Taste Awful but They Make an Epic Instagram Pic

As a Disneyland-churro-connoisseur, I knew I had to get my hands on the Star Wars-inspired "lightsaber churros," aka Light Side and Dark Side churros just outside the Star Tours ride in Tomorrowland. After all, it'd serve as ideal carb-loading the day before my Tinker Bell Half Marathon. Alas, after waiting nearly 40 minutes (seriously!!) in line for these sugar-coated cosmic treats (and, you know, getting a great Boomerang), we bit into what tasted like plastic and artificial chemicals. As it turns out, although the glitter is edible, it still tastes like . . . well . . . glitter.

That said, these $5 Instagram starlets make for one hell of a photo op. But if you're going for flavor, there's no beating the OG Disneyland churro — a delicacy so mighty, entire Instagram accounts have been dedicated to it.

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