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Maldivian Fish Broth Recipe

This Maldivian Fish Broth Is Surprisingly Quick and Easy to Prepare

Also known as Garudhiya, this clear fish broth is a staple food in Maldivian cuisine. Check out the easy recipe below from Niyama Private Islands.

Maldivian Fish Broth

Niyama Private Islands

Maldivian Fish Broth Recipe


  1. 1 medium fillet of tuna ( cut into about 2 inch chunks)
    1 liters of water
    Salt to taste
    1 onion sliced (optional)
    6 – 8 curry leaves (optional)
    1-3 pandan leaves
    Maldivian chili (githeyo mirus) – chopped


  1. Add salt to the water, curry leaves, and pandan leaves.
  2. When the water starts to boil add the tuna, chili and continue to boil.
  3. After the tuna is cooked add salt to taste.
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