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Miniature Doughnuts Video

These Teeny-Tiny Doughnuts Will Be The Yummiest (and Cutest!) Thing You See All Day

Our love for a good doughnut runs deep, but our love for a miniature one runs deeper. We already took a try at creating bite-sized doughnut creations made of Cheerios, but this video from SNS & BLOG, took mini-treats to the next level.

The microscopic desserts are mixed and fried in a pint-sized kitchen with tiny tools and even pocket-sized ingredients (including a mini egg and a mini stove!). Once they are cooked to perfection the doughnuts are dusted with sugar, drizzled with chocolate, and served in a "Mimine Kreme" box. While we'd probably need more than one box of these bite-sized treats to satisfy our sweet tooth, watching the minuscular magic happen is sure to leave you hooked. Watch along to check it out.

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