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Orange and Balsamic Vinegar Marinated Octopus

You Never Thought to Cook Octopus This Way ... Until Now

21 Grams shares their recipe for Orange and Balsamic Vinegar Marinated Octopus.

Orange and Balsamic Vinegar Marinated Octopus

21 Grams

Orange and Balsamic Vinegar Marinated Octopus


  1. 250g Octopus tentacles 
  2. 100g baby potato
  3. 20g red onion
  2. 350g carrot
  3. 50g butter
  4. 15g acacia honey
  5. Pinch of salt
  2. 15ml olive oil
  3. 15ml balsamic vinegar
  4. 15ml orange juice
  5. ​Pinch of dry oregano


  1. Wash the octopus and remove head and teeth from the middle.
  2. Follow the line of each tentacle and cut it throw the middle leaving every tentacle on its own.
  3. Bake the tentacles in sealed container with vegetables for at least 2-3 hours on 170 degrees C.
  4. For marinade, mix in all the ingredients and pour it over every tentacle when it is done.
  5. Take the carrots which have been baked with tentacles, put them in a blender, add in honey and butter and mix them all up until you get a smooth puree.
  6. Serve with carrot puree, baked baby potato and few slices of red onion.
Image Source: 21 Grams
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