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Just Call This Levantine "Candy Floss" Dessert Kunefe's Cousin

Osmalieh is a traditional Lebanese dessert prepared with baked vermicelli pastry sandwiched between sweet cream and topped with Arabic candy floss or fairy floss, the Middle Eastern equivalent to conventional candy floss. What makes this dish unique is the sweet nostalgia brought back from candied chickpeas, as well as the delicate scent of orange blossom and earthy pistachios. Another great reason to make Osmalieh at home is the quick cooking time due to almost all of the ingredients being pre-made and available at most grocery stores.





  1. 60g Osmalieh Dough (Vermicelli)
  2. 210g Fresh Ashta (Lebanese clotted cream)
  3. 35g Arabic Cotton Candy
  4. 30g Candied Chickpeas
  5. 1g Zaher el laymoun (Orange Blossom)
  6. 1g Pistachio Powder
  7. 150g Sugar Syrup


  1. Fill two layers of baked Osmalieh dough with the fresh ashta (Lebanese clotted cream).
  2. Cover the top layer with the Arabic cotton candy.
  3. Garnish with orange blossom flower and pistachio powder.
  4. Transfer to a serving dish and scatter candied chickpeas to decorate.
  5. Serve with sugar syrup on the side.
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