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Pineapple Hack

There's A New Viral Sensation In Town And, This One Is About... Pineapples

Friends, family, felines everywhere, what we're about to tell you is going to shock you, immensely. It turns out, we've been eating pineapples all WRONG! Or, at least have been trying a lot harder than we should have when it comes to preparing it to be ingested by our hungry bellies.

Lost? Okaaay, it turns out that instead of peelings its skin off and, cutting it (oh how those teeny-tiny thorns hurt), we should have just peeled the pineapple... piece by piece. Like the very smart man in the video below....

Ingenious right?!?!?! We've tried it, and while it may be a bit harder than it looks, it does work. And, according to the Tweets below, it has worked for quite a few others....

Some people weren't as lucky – warning, major lols ahead...

Give it a try and share your experience us by tagging @PopSugarME on Twitter! We look forward to watching them, all.

Image Source: Pexels/ PineappleSupply
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