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The Pioneer Woman Swears by This 16-Minute Pasta Dish

It's a weeknight and you're ravenous, not to mention, exhausted. Your freezer meals are depleted and you can hardly stomach the idea of eating take out – again.

Then something happens. You remember the Pioneer Woman episode that inspired you to grocery shop for this exact predicament, and suddenly, you're invincible.

You go into Ree Drummond mode and immediately raid your own pantry, digging for that jar of pasta sauce and pack of rigatoni you know you have somewhere. You pull out the two lonely chicken breasts you've been meaning to cook and almost break out into song when you find the bags of basil and Italian parsley hiding in your vegetable drawer. The last ingredients you purchased for this casual emergency are waiting for you in the cheese drawer. Parmesan, your trusty stand-by, is accompanied by a fancier cheese that will make this dinner quickie feel like the hearty, stick to your ribs meal your heart desires: fresh mozzerella.

You whip up this chicken mozzarella pasta in less than 20 minutes, pour yourself a glass of well-deserved wine, and make a mental note to repeat this every single week.

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