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Qamardeen Apricot Drink Recipe

This Apricot Drink Is a Sweet Way to Drink Your Favorite Summer Fruit

Qamardeen is traditionally prepared with apricot fruit leathers, but apricot puree and juice work just as well. See Spinneys' recipe below for this floral and fragrant beverage.



Qamardeen Apricot Drink Recipe


  1. 70ml apricot juice
  2. 30ml apricot purée
  3. 20ml green apple juice
  4. 20ml sugar syrup
  5. 10ml lemon juice
  6. 3 dashes orange blossom water 4-5 ice cubes
  7. Crushed ice, dried apricots, dried orange, brown sugar and pine nuts to serve


  1. In a shaker add the apricot juice, apricot purée, green apple juice, sugar syrup, lemon juice and 3 dashes of orange blossom water.
  2. Shake together with ice cubes.
  3. Serve in a Turkish kiraz katir pot or copper cup of your choice.
  4. Top with crushed ice and garnish as you wish.
Image Source: Spinneys
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