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Selena Gomez Food Facts

9 Food Facts You Never Knew About Selena Gomez

She's the most-followed person on Instagram and is currently in the middle of a world tour following the release of her wildly successful album Revival. But the one thing that makes Selena Gomez extremely relatable? Her eating habits. Curious about what the 23-year-old can't live without? It might surprise you.

  1. She's obsessed with pickles. If you read any interview with Selena Gomez, there's a good chance she'll mention her love of pickles. She even told Bon Appetit that her "tour bus is stocked with plenty of pickles."
  2. Her other tour-bus essentials? Hot Cheetos and chocolate.
  3. She has a mini fridge in her bedroom . . .
  4. . . . with ginger shots, coconut water, and Kit Kats. Selena dished on her mini fridge must-haves in an interview with Ryan Seacrest.
  5. She loves Southern food. "I love a good plate of fried chicken," she told Bon Appetit.
  6. She keeps candy everywhere in her house. "Do you keep candy in your drawer?" Ryan Seacrest asked, to which Selena responded, "I think it's everywhere — I just keep candy places."
  7. She drinks regular Coke — not Diet. Unlike BFF Taylor Swift, whose cocktail of choice is Diet Coke and vodka, Selena drinks regular Coke. "I'm not a Diet Coke girl, I do the OG thing," she told E!.
  8. She eats fast food. She's not afraid to admit it. "I did have McDonald's this morning," Selena said in an interview the day of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where she performed two songs on the runway. She also shared this hilarious video on Instagram revealing she had a Happy Meal "last week."
  9. Her favorite desserts involve peanut butter. "Anything with peanut butter, like peanut butter chocolate chip," Selena said when talking about baking.

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