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Signs You're Addicted to Tea

31 Signs You're a Tea Addict (And Proud of It)

Your tea addiction is real. While some *ahem* coffee-drinkers may not understand your passion, that's OK. You have nothing to prove . . . other than you are the snobbiest tea drinker in the land, and that's something to boast about. If these signs speak to you, congrats, you are a true tea afficionado.

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  1. The first thing you do when you wake up is boil water.
  2. You are as meticulous about the temperature of the water as someone would be when grilling filet mignon.
  3. Loose leaf or bust.
  4. Within the first hour of waking up, you've already had three cups of tea.
  5. Every table in your house is stained with tea rings.
  6. Every hour is tea hour.
  7. You may or may not become panicked if you miss said tea hour.
  8. Your dishes consist of tea mugs.
  9. Your Instagram feed is 1/4 matcha lattes and 3/4 tea mugs plus whatever book you're reading.
  10. You'd rather go to a tea shop than a bar . . . and often order tea with dinner (much to the disgrace of your friends and family).
  11. You become extremely excited when someone knows what pu-erh is and pronounces it correctly.
  12. Your pantry is filled with more tea than food. This pleases you.
  13. You have killer biceps from all the tea drinking you do.
  14. You carry your favorite tea in your purse . . . because a craving could strike at any moment.

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  1. If you were stranded on a deserted island, you know what one item you'd want to bring with you.
  2. You've studied every ceremonial method of brewing tea.
  3. You actually don't like the taste of water. You'd rather hydrate with tea.
  4. When you're not drinking hot tea, you're sipping on iced tea or boba. Or enjoying a matcha-flavored dessert.
  5. You become defensive when someone doesn't get your love of tea.
  6. You buy your favorite tea wholesale — by the pound.
  7. You become slightly depressed when you've reached the final seeping of a tea . . . even though you've clocked in a six.
  8. Sometimes, lunch is boba.
  9. You've tried every method there is to brew tea, including ceramic infusers.
  10. You get really annoyed when restaurants use boiling water for the tea, and it burns your mouth.
  11. Whether in a car or a plane, you are drinking tea. There's no stopping you.
  12. Even if it's 100 degress, you are drinking tea, dammit.
  13. Every scented product you own, whether candles, purfumes, or face wash, is tea-scented.
  14. You have a meltdown if the grocery store is out of your favorite tea.
  15. If you're not spending money on tea, you spend it on accessories. A $100 electric water kettle that Oprah herself vouches for is an investment.
  16. Some people go to theme parks on holidays. You venture to the nether regions to scope out tea shops.
  17. Tea is almost as good as snuggling. We'll go with a close second.
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