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​Spinneys' Watermelon Pavlova With Lime Cream and Mint Syrup

Experience the Best Sugar Rush With This Watermelon Pavlova

Craving something sweet and pretty? Spinneys' Watermelon Pavlova With Lime Cream and Mint Syrup recipe has all the textures and will satisfy you need for all things sugary. With its fruit topping, it can't be that bad, right?

​Spinneys' Watermelon Pavlova With Lime Cream and Mint Syrup​


​Spinneys' Watermelon Pavlova With Lime Cream and Mint Syrup


  1. SpinneysFood Sunflower Oil, for oiling
    4 SpinneysFood Free Range Eggs, whites only
    220g SpinneysFood Caster Sugar
    1tsp vanilla extract
    1tbsp cornflour
    1tsp white grape vinegar
    300g watermelon
    50g SpinneysFood
    Granulated sugar
    1tsp finely chopped mint
    400ml double cream
    Zest of 2 limes
    2tbsp SpinneysFood
    Icing sugar, sifted


  1. Preheat the oven to 150°C, gas mark 2. Oil and line a large baking tray with baking paper.

  2. Put the egg whites in a large, clean, dry bowl and beat with an electric hand whisk until stiff peaks form. Gradually whisk in the caster sugar until thick and glossy. Whisk in the vanilla, cornflour and vinegar. 

  3. Spread the mixture into a 20cm diameter circle on the prepared tray. Transfer to the oven, reduce the temperature to 140°C, gas mark 1 and cook for 1 hour. Turn the oven off and leave the meringue to cool. 

  4. Meanwhile, put 100g watermelon in a blender and blitz really well. Pour into a small pan with the granulated sugar set over a high heat, stirring occasionally. Bring to the boil, then remove from 
the heat and leave to cool. Stir in the mint.

  5. Beat the cream with the lime zest and icing sugar until soft peaks form, then spoon over the meringue. 

  6. Slice the remaining watermelon into triangles and arrange on top of the meringue. Drizzle with a little mint syrup and serve the rest on the side.
Image Source: Spinneys
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