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Steak Sandwich From Pascal Tepper

Stick Steak in Your Sandwich to Jazz Up Your Lunchbox

No one does a carby lunch better than the French, so we dug up Chef Pascal Tepper's (the man behind the bakery) method for making a great steak sandwich. It's goes great with a side soup!

Steak Sandwich

Pascal Tepper

Steak Sandwich From Pascal Tepper


  1. 1 6-cereal baguette
    110g beef rib eye steak
    40g caramelized onion
    20g sundried tomatoes (1cm cut)
    20ml seeded mustard mayonnaise
    20g lettuce bianco lollo rosso
    40ml pepper sauce
    1 pc salad garnish
    15ml lemon dressing
    Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cut the baguette in half but not all the way through.
  2. Spread the seeded mustard mayonnaise on both sides of the bread.
  3. Season the steak with salt and pepper then gill and cook according to how you like.
  4. Add the steak cut in half way on top of the lettuce, then add the caramelized onions.
  5. Add the sun-dried tomato then close the baguette and cut slanted ways.
  6. Drizzle lemon dressing on top of the salad.
Image Source: Pascal Tepper
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