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Sticker That Tells You When Mangoes Are Ripe

Never Second-Guess the Ripeness of Your Mango With This Genius Colored Sticker

This mango has a sticker which tells you what colour the best tasting level of ripeness is
by u/cwm2355 in mildlyinteresting

If you've ever wished for an easier way to determine whether your mango is ripe enough to eat (aside from your typical sniffing and squeezing game), one creative sticker is granting that wish. Soconusco mangoes (pictured above and posted by Reddit user cwm2355) are labeled with a colored fruit-ripening sticker to indicate when the mango is at its ripest. When the color of your mango meets the hue on the sticker, it should be the most flavorful. While we still suggest examining the texture and smell of your mango to determine its ripeness before cutting it, having a color indicator to aid the process is definitely genius!

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