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Stranger Things Cupcakes

These Stranger Things Cupcakes Are Made With — You Guessed It — Eggo Waffles

Whether you've already powered your way through Stranger Things or are just now giving in to the (well-deserved) hype surrounding the show, there's no Netflix binge that a good cupcake can't improve. That's why one Redditor created individual cupcakes inspired by the show's most beloved characters, complete with edible props representing iconic moments from the show.

Stranger Things Cupcakes

The Imgur gallery of these cupcake creations detail each flavor, which include:

  • Eleven-inspired cupcakes with her favorite snack: mini Eggo waffles (and maple syrup buttercream).
  • Hopper-inspired chocolate coffee cupcakes topped with beer-glazed, caramel versions of the sheriff's signature cigarettes and donuts.
  • Joyce-inspired Christmas light cupcakes with holiday-appropriate cinnamon and nutmeg flavors.
  • Barb-inspired cakes with strawberry filling and buttercream, topped with her iconic eyeglasses . . . yep, they're morbid as hell, and probably delicious.
  • Dustin-inspired cupcakes filled with his cafeteria favorite, chocolate pudding, and topped with Nilla wafers and Nutty Bars.

The Redditor eventually plans to create cupcakes inspired by each character, and has a perfect method for getting inspired: listening to an '80s classic, Toto's song "Africa," which makes an appearance in the show as well.

Now, which of these tasty creations do you want to devour during your next Stranger Things marathon? We have an idea about our pick . . .

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