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Super Quinoa Salad Recipe From Vida Downtown

A High Protein Quinoa Dish Will Keep You Energetic All Day

This is high in protein and high in slow release fibers that are needed to keep you going throughout the day.

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Vida Downtown

Super Quinoa Salad Recipe From Vida Downtown


  1. 40g Pre-cooked Black quinoa
    40g Pre cooked White quinoa
    20g Sultanas (soaked in chamomile tea)
    40g Toasted flaked almonds
    20g Sautéed red pepper
    10g Chopped parsley
    Lemon juice (to taste)
    1g Salt
    1g Raw broccoli tops
    5ml Olive oil
    20g Deep fried kale


  1. Very simply, mix everything together well, check the seasoning, it may need the additional acid that comes from the lemon juice.
Image Source: Vida Downtown
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