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UAE Restaurant Basta Using Pasta Straws to Help Environment

This UAE Restaurant Is Using Pasta Straws to Help the Environment

Jumeirah Restaurant Group recently announced they were ditching plastic straws, along with a bunch of other big brands in the UAE, but one Italian eatery has come up with a cooler idea.
BASTA!, by international celebrity chef David Myers, is reducing pollution of our oceans by asking customers to sip from pieces of pasta.

With it predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050, it's a fabulous way to slurp a beverage.

"Being someone who loves spending time in the ocean, I witness the consequences of our overuse of single-use plastic first hand," California-based Chef David Myers said. "I like to think that by stopping the use of plastic straws, we are making a small mark right here in the UAE in a fun and quirky BASTA! way."

He has three Dubai venues and the others will soon be replacing plastic straws with alternatives. If that's what he's done with his Italian brand, we can wait to see what he has up his sleeve with his Poppy bar, and Bleu Blanc restaurant.

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