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Up Doughnut at Disneyland

Disneyland Has a Doughnut That Looks EXACTLY Like the House From Up, and I'm Crying

At this point, Disneyland releases so many creative menu items that it's hard to keep up. That's especially the case during limited-edition festivals like Pixar Fest, which lasts from April through September, and brings park-goers some of the most fun attractions and treats. Case in point: the Up doughnut that looks exactly like the house from the beloved, tear-jerking Pixar movie.

People are loving the adorable doughnut not only because it depicts Carl Fredricksen's balloon-tied house, but also because it tastes so good. The rectangular doughnut is coated in blue vanilla frosting and has a white chocolate Up house on it. As far as the "balloons"? They're crunchy, chocolate candy pieces similar to M&M's! It's the "perfect balance of light dough and delicious vanilla icing," one Instagrammer wrote. You can find this photo-friendly doughnut at the doughnut cart near the front of the castle entrance for a limited time. Consider this just one of many magical Disneyland doughnuts you need to try.

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