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The Weirdest Oreo Flavors

POPSUGAR Editors' Definitive Ranking of the 15 Weirdest Oreo Flavors

The Weirdest Oreo Flavors
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Gone are the days when plain-old Oreos dominated cookie shelves. Instead, we've become accustomed to downright crazy Oreo flavors which seem to be announced on a pretty regular basis. From Swedish Fish Oreos to Cotton Candy Oreos and everything in between, we've allowed our curiosity — and undying love for Oreos — to lead us down the path of trying every single flavor. Some exceeded our highest expectations while others . . . let's just say we hope to never see again. Take a trip down Oreo memory lane and discover some of the wackiest cookie flavors that have ever existed. Based on our POPSUGAR editors' serious Oreo expertise and investigations, we've ranked them all from worst to best.

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