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World’s First Ramadan Energy Bar

No, This Isn’t a Double Decker. It’s the World’s First Ramadan Energy Bar

At first glance, it may look like your favorite chunky candy bar, Double Decker. In fact, what lies underneath the purple and orange packaging is the first ever Ramadan bar.

Made by Switzerland-based company, Fajr Food, it claims to keep those fasting keep up their blood sugar levels for an impressive nine hours. It's said to be better than foods such as bread and rice as the simple carbs digest too quickly.

The energy slump often means that those fasting will sleep through the rest of suhoor after consuming food like pasta, potatoes and protein bars.

Ramadan bars come in packs of four for $9.99 and is intended to be enjoyed alongside your usual meals.

Image Source: Fajr Foods
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