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7 Expert Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home

Your Apartment Isn't Really Clean Until You've Gotten These 7 Spots

Spring is here and with that comes the time for some serious deep cleaning. So it's time to channel your inner Monica Bing and grab that duster. Despite how thorough you might think your cleaning technique is, you're probably forgetting certain spots that harbor the most dirt over time.

Luckily, cleaning service has shared the most commonly overlooked places they have to tackle when making people's homes looks shiny and new.

Kill kitchen odor - Clean your oven hood

Pop this in the dishwasher or soak in the sink to clean by hand. It will get rid of odors and fat which may be a fire hazard. Use lint-free 100% cotton towels to dry before replacing.

Banish bacteria - Clear out the fridge

Two thirds of all food poisoning come from the fridge or freezer's walls so defrost, soak up the water with paper towels and sterilize with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Make sure food is stored in insulated bags.

Prevent food build-up - Drain the dishwasher

Removable items like the racks, the salt and fluid caps and the filter, then wipe the inside with a fresh sponge and vinegar. Get rid of leftover pieces of food by filling a cup of vinegar into the capsule compartment, and allow the machine to rinse empty at the highest temperature.

Make mold disappear - Get in between the tiles

You might think of Tea Tree Oil as more of a beauty buy but it can actually work wonders around the house. Stick a cotton swab in the bottle and cover the hard-to-reach spaces in between tiles by the bathtub, sink and floor, then watch it's antibacterial properties remove mold.

Smell delightful all day - Blast out the washing drum

Have you ever wondered where the dirt from your soiled clothes goes to? Despite the drum looking clean, your machine could benefit from a bit of a detox. Put 50g of baking soda directly into the drum and 50ml of vinegar essence in the top compartment before washing at 60 degrees. It's useful if your clothes are leaving the machine smelling funky even after washing them. Clean the dispenser with a sponge and water, remove the lint and hairs in the rubber that fill the machine, if it's a washer dryer.

Touch with confidence - Disinfect the doorknob

Doorknobs, telephones, light switches and remote controls can harbor viruses for around 24 hours so disinfect with a dab of vinegar on a cloth.

Sleep in peace - Pound out mattress particles

Not only should you check under your bed for dust particles that have collected but give the mattress a good beating too. Apparently, there's an average of 1.5 million mites living in our beds so vacuum away skin particles and let the moisture dry out by letting the mattress stand alone for a few hours.

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