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Best Peony Alternatives

5 Peony Doppelgangers That Might Just Be Better Than the Real Thing

Best Peony Alternatives
Image Source: Flower Muse

Like many brides, I dreamed of a classic peony bouquet only to have my floral fantasy dashed when I learned that peonies weren't in season at the time of my nuptials. My momentary disappointment was quickly replaced with glee when I was directed to garden roses. These breathtakingly romantic blossoms were an even better choice for my wedding.

If, like me, you're shopping outside peony season, or you love the look of peonies but want something a bit more nontraditional, we've got you covered. You'll be shocked at how stunning peony doppelgangers can be. To discover them all and get the inside scoop, we consulted with Ellie Hsu. She's the cofounder of Flower Muse, an online flower delivery service that brings you flowers directly from the farm to your front door, and she's an expert at beautiful florals.

Keep reading to be dazzled by Ellie's five favorite peony alternatives.

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