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Colorful Christmas Trees

Rainbow Trees Might Be the Craziest Christmas Trend Ever

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The latest Christmas tree design trend has nothing to do with ornaments or string lights. It's all about color. A few Christmas tree farms have started selling real trees in every shade of the rainbow. Places such as Battaglia Ranch in California give customers the chance to cut down their tree and then customize its color. So far, buyers have picked everything from goth black and dreamy white to more vibrant hues, like orange, blue, purple, and even magenta. One customer even did red and black for his favorite sports team, the San Francisco 49ers!

At Jack Keilman Trees in Pennsylvania, buyers willing to dish out $65 instead of the usual $45 can have their tree spray-painted shades red, purple, and blue with a specially formulated dye. The dye apparently even helps preserve the trees, making them last longer. If you're thinking of getting a colored tree, however, plan ahead and put in your order early, as they take time to paint and dry.

While the reaction has been mixed — some people finding it weird and unnatural while others can't get enough of the novelty trees — there's no denying they're attention grabbers. We think we'll stick to classic green, however, and let the ornaments rather than the branches coordinate with our interior design.

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