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Comfort Design Mat Review

I'm 24 and I Use This Mat Designed For Babies as My Living Room Rug

I'll admit it: when I carried the taller-than-me box containing a new Comfort Design Mat home from my office on the subway, I intended to use it as a yoga mat. How else would a childless 24-year-old put to use a foam play mat designed for babies? Because I have a nicely sized porch that gets good morning sunlight and a refreshing breeze, I had plans to roll out the foam mat and use it for at-home workouts. But then I got home, unrolled the mat to flatten it and check out its dimensions . . . and now, two weeks later, it's still front and center in my living room.

No, my fiancé and I don't regularly have kids around our apartment. Yes, I should probably still get a yoga mat for my porch. But my new play mat ($130) is so comfortable! How could I sacrifice it to the harsh conditions of the outdoors? Plus, it fits perfectly near my overflowing library shelves, and with its half an inch of squishy thickness, it's so comfortable to lay on while I flip through the pages of a book. And because it's easy to wipe clean, I can enjoy a glass of wine while I do so, something that little ol' spill-prone me was afraid to do while also juggling a book on my couch.

As a pet owner and generally clumsy human, I've gone through my fair share of living room rugs.

Look: as a pet owner and generally clumsy human, I've gone through my fair share of carpets. If it's not my pups tracking mud inside from a walk or chewing on a bright yellow highlighter when I'm not looking, it's me tripping over my own feet while carrying a bowl of spaghetti. I gave up on ever paying more than $200 for an area rug a long time ago, realizing that I'd be buying a new one every year or so.

But with this mat, I'm not worried about ruining my living room aesthetic with a simple spill — it's designed for that. I'm no longer anxious every time my friends suggest relaxing in front of a movie with snacks and wine, because if something is spilled, all it takes is a quick wipe-down to make things good as new.

Basically, this mat is key to me looking like I have my sh*t together. I've gotten compliments from my parents, my apartment maintenance man, my friends, and even the photographer who shot my engagement photos! Nobody needs to know that it's for toddlers — fake it till you make it, right? So if you need me, I'll be relaxing on my squishy new living room rug . . . and if anyone asks, I'm still in the market for a yoga mat.

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