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Company Demolishes Wrong House Due to Google Maps Error

This Company's Reason For Demolishing the Wrong House Is an Actual Nightmare

As if the citizens of tornado-ravaged Rowlett, TX didn't already have enough to worry about, now a frightening new issue has arisen — and it's got nothing to do with weather. Instead, they now have to worry about construction companies accidentally tearing their homes down. Billy L. Nabors Demolition, a company based in nearby Seagoville, is in hot water after mistakenly destroying the wrong house while on a routine demo job. Perhaps even more frightening than the demolition itself was the company's response; that the mess-up was "not a big deal."

According to Texas news outlets, the destroyed duplex had been occupied on one side by Lindsay Diaz and on the other side by Alan Cutter. "I pull up, and — sure enough — it's gone," described Diaz of realizing her home had been destroyed. "There's nothing left."

The demolition company blames Google Maps for the error, purporting that the navigation app pointed to Diaz and Cutter's duplex when given the address of a nearby building that was scheduled to be torn down. Both buildings suffered severe damage during a recent tornado, but both Diaz and Cutter were considering repair options for their respective halves of the home. Now, thanks to the Nabors Demo, they have no choice but to rebuild completely or move.

"I feel farther away from moving into a home today than I did after the tornado hit," Diaz told news outlets of the accidental demolition. "They really wrecked my life."

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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