Discover Hidden Square Footage Where You Least Expect It

06/05/2018 - 04:24 PM

When space is at a premium and belongings overflow from every corner of your home, locating a free inch can be a challenge — unless you look up. The ceiling is an untapped decorating treasure trove. Let decor rain down from it, or locate a stud and mount some serious furniture from it. You'll be making a style statement and creating space. It's a win-win. Read on for our favorite ways to decorate this underused surface.

Photo by Julien Fernandez [1] via Style Me Pretty [2]

Even if there's no room on your walls to place a mural, your ceiling might be the perfect place for some eye-catching color and design.

Photo by Julien Fernandez [3] via Style Me Pretty [4]

When there's no designated bedroom and floorspace is at a premium, stash your bed overhead like Mad Men [5] actor Vincent Kartheiser [6].

Photo courtesy of Joe Pugliese for Dwell [7]

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