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Property Brothers isn't just fun to watch – it's also educational! Whether you're actively renovating your home or just fantasizing about one day embarking on your own dream home makeover, the possibility of one day being the homeowner in the show's scenario makes the viewing experience all that more exciting. So when hosts Jonathan and Drew Scott share their pro insights on HGTV, we pay attention as if they were speaking directly to us. But Drew, the twin specializing in real estate, just surprised us by sharing his invaluable wisdom on a most unlikely place: Instagram.

He shared a picture of a clean and beautiful bedroom with a notable gold lighting fixture with the caption, "Every room needs a feature. Lighting is an easy way to add wow factor." Not only do we love the idea that every room in the house can be elevated by adding one special feature – but notably not so many features that the room feels overdone or cluttered – but it also provided a simple, one-step solution to adding that feature: an eye-catching lighting fixture. While pricing for lighting fixtures can run the gamut, there are plenty of gorgeous and affordable options for budget-conscious gals. And if lighting isn't your thing, a painted accent wall, bold backsplash, or even a vibrant area rug could do the trick.

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