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Funny KonMari Method YouTube Video

If You've Ever Tried the KonMari Method, You'll Crack Up at This Video

There are two types of people in this world: those who KonMari and those who don't KonMari. If you have yet to hear about Marie Kondo's KonMari method, it's an organization tactic that only allows you to keep items that "spark joy." YouTube channel Just Between Us created a hilarious sketch video called "Decluttering" that shows the simple process and the totally relatable differences between these two types of people. One roommate, who's pretty much a hoarder, is able to find joy in most of her belongings except for some hygiene products. While she clutches items to her chest to determine if they're worth keeping, her skeptical roommate walks in and questions the whole thing. After being convinced to try it out for herself, she realizes she's unable to find joy in anything and frantically starts picking up things around the room.

Watch the video above, and let us know which type of person you are.

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