The Genius Way Ikea Advertized Its Iron — Er, Porcelain — Thrones

06/05/2018 - 05:11 PM
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It's already a known fact that we're obsessed with Ikea [2], but one store's hilarious display just took it to the next level. It has just been brought to our attention by a glorious Reddit user [3] that an Ikea location has a unique way of advertising its toilet accessories, as it transformed an average "porcelain throne" into an Iron Throne. That's right; this furniture store went full-on Game of Thrones, swapping swords for toilet bowl scrubbers and their silver holders perfectly arranged on the wall.

Now this . . . this is some seriously creative marketing. Kudos, Ikea. If only there were a version of the show that involves people dueling it out with toilet bowl scrubbers.

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