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How to Make a Bed The Best Way

You've Been Making Your Bed All Wrong! Here's What You Should Be Doing

There's nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed at the end of a long day. Our beds are where we relax, wind down, and get a good night's sleep so we can be our best selves. While some of us are guilty of not making our beds everyday, it's a great habit to get into and soon becomes second-nature. And getting into productive habits like making your bed can actually make you more productive in other areas of your life. Plus, making your bed doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. So next time you get out of bed and feel the urge to throw back the covers and leave them in a messy heap, try some of these easy hacks for making your bed instead.

1. Hospital Corners

Also known as military corners, this is probably the best-known trick for making your bed — and for good reason. Hospital corners are a tried and tested way to get a tidy-looking bed every time. It involves tucking a fitted sheet under the bottom of the mattress in a way that will keep it secured and super tidy, kind of like wrapping a present. Check out this tutorial and try it for yourself.

2. Housekeeper Pillows

If you've ever worked in a hotel as a housekeeper, you'll probably know this trick. Housekeepers will "karate chop" the pillow lengthwise down the middle, then fold it in half at one end. Holding the two corners together, it's much easier to slide the pillowcase on. When you let go of the corners, just make some adjustments so they find the corners of the pillowcase. If you're still not sure how it's done, watch this video. It will save you struggling with your pillowcases ever again!

3. The Inside-Out Duvet Cover

Next to folding a fitted sheet properly, putting a duvet cover on your duvet is probably the most tedious part of making your bed. But not anymore! Try the inside-out duvet cover trick, which is bound to save you tons of time. First, flip your duvet cover inside out and grab the two top corners. Next, grab the two top corners of your duvet, and flip the duvet cover over top. See the video for a visual!

4. Don't Dry Your Sheets Completely

You've probably heard that you should iron your sheets after they've been washed and before making your bed. And while that's a great tip, most of us just don't have the time. To avoid ironing, try taking your sheets out of the dryer just before they're completely dry. This way, you'll be able to stretch and flatten them out in the process of making your bed to avoid any wrinkles. It's best to do this in the mornings so your bed is dry by the time you go to sleep.

5. Finish With Decorative Pillows

Decorating your newly made bed with accent pillows is a fine art. It's easy to go overboard, but you want to have enough pillows to make your bed look and feel luxurious. For a really put-together look, experts recommend starting off with a pair of pillow shams before putting your actual sleeping pillows in front. From there, you can layer with more decorative pillows to create depth. Just remember to have an odd number of pillows, as this is more interesting to the eye.

Image Source: The Makerista
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