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Ikea Relationship Saving Station

If You've Ever Gotten Into a Fight at Ikea, You'll Appreciate This "Hack"

Pat Benatar may have gotten it wrong — love isn't a battlefield, Ikea is. You know this to be true if you've ever gotten into a fight with your significant other while shopping for furniture and home decor products. On his account Obvious Plant, comedian Jeff Wysask shared one genius solution to this common problem: a relationship-saving station.

On Facebook, Jeff shared pictures of his proposed station which, by the way, he somehow managed to demonstrate in real life at an Ikea. The station basically offers couples five ways to lighten the mood or ease tension. First, you can get it all out and yell at a tiny horse figurine. If that's too aggressive for you, you can also stare at a picture of a tiny puppy, put on a milk hat and crack up, or blow bubbles. If all else fails, you can also write down your grievances on a piece of paper and drop it in Queen Elsa's jar so that she can let it go for you.

Look ahead for pictures of the relationship-saving station and, next time you're stressing out at Ikea, just visualize that tiny puppy and all will be right again.

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