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Ikea Wedge Dowel Furniture Video

This Genius Invention Eliminates the Hassle of Assembling Ikea Furniture

Ikea has finally come up with a solution to make assembling its complicated furniture easier for everyone. In a 4-minute video clip uploaded on YouTube, the company takes viewers inside of a prototype shop in Älmhult, Sweden for a sneak peak at its latest invention: the wedge dowel. Described in an Ikea blog post as "a small plastic or wooden fitting with milled grooves all around" the wedge dowel eliminates the need for screws and other tools because it simply snaps it into pre-drilled holes located on the furniture.

"We believe that easy assembly will be important for Ikea and our customers," Jan-Anders Hansson, a member of Ikea's technical advancements said in the video. "When we were kids, we built tree houses. Today, kids grow up with a phone in their hands. It doesn't come as natural to them to assembly furniture with a screwdriver."

Watch the full video above to see the magic of how the wedge dowel works.

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