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Kourtney Kardashian's Pantry

This Is What the Perfect Pantry Looks Like, According to Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian has been one of our interior idols ever since we saw her stunning home on the cover of Architectural Digest earlier this year, but now it's the inside of her pantry that has us obsessed. In a recent video published on her app, the 37-year-old mom of three enlists close friend Larsa Pippen for a fun-filled day of cleaning out her pantry. We know what you're thinking, yawn, but we've picked up on so many of her organizational tips in this video that we're ready to run home and attack our pantries.

Kourtney takes her and her children's eating habits very seriously, and the same goes for how she stores the food — everything must be in glass containers. "The food is sitting in it — you don't want all the plastic chemicals getting into your food," she says. "And I just feel like it looks cleaner than having a bunch of boxes." She is so right! The oldest Kardashian sibling uses glass jars for items like beans and rice, and of course the expiration date is labeled on each jar. (But just like all of us, she isn't too sure about some expiration dates.)

You can bet Kourtney's impeccable organizational skills don't end there. She uses big woven baskets to store larger items like Halloween candy and cookies. When it comes to her huge selection of cookbooks, she realized it was time to part ways with a baby food book, but explained she keeps the personal ones like her mom Kris Jenner's on a shelf in the back of her pantry. Kourtney did the impossible and turned the standard metal shelves into chic storage as they're topped with sheets of glass. Yes, her pantry is a little bigger than most of ours, but we're absolutely taking these tactics home with us.

Watch the clip of the video above and check out the full version on her website. Somehow, this video about "cleaning out" her pantry has us running home to deal with ours!

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