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The Most Over-the-Top Dorm Room You'll Ever See

You Need to See This Insanely Over-the-Top Dorm Room

We used to think that a simple poster quoting Marilyn Monroe and pictures of our high school friends taped to the wall qualified as dorm decor, but after seeing the way these freshmen roommates decorated their dorm at Ole Miss, we definitely need to reconsider. Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson have been planning their room since December, and it's absolutely incredible!

Abby told BuzzFeed News that they planned their masterpiece without ever meeting in person to see how it looked. "We weren't really sure everything was going to go together, but then we got here, and it does."

Well, that's putting it lightly!

The girls explained that dorm decor is taken very seriously at Ole Miss and they were ready to join in on the extravagant fun, and yes, the bedskirts, headboards, and pillows were custom made.

Abby and Lindy posted photos of their room on social media and everyone went crazy, with over 3,000 people retweeting it. This is hands down one of the most stunning dorm rooms we've ever seen!

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