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New Jersey Residents Repair Elderly Neighbor's House

What This Couple Did to Their Elderly Neighbor's House Will Leave You Speechless

Every neighborhood has one house that's an eyesore, but few have people like Adam and Kristin Polhemus. The New Jersey residents went out of their way to connect with reclusive neighbor Anne Glancey, a retired teacher, who still lived in the very home she grew up in. Physically and financially unable to maintain the property on her own and without family or close friends to help her, the home fell into disrepair with thigh-high grass, peeling paint, and a 40-year-old car abandoned in the driveway.

This Summer, the town they live in came knocking with fines reportedly totaling up to $3,000 if she didn't fix up the property. Anne couldn't afford the fines and certainly couldn't fix the home on her own. Luckily, Adam and Kristin learned of her situation. They took matters into their own hands, rallying neighbors, friends, and community members around the cause.

Kristin put out the call for help on Facebook, posting, "Adam and I could use your help for some exterior scraping/painting at the home of our elderly neighbor, Anne. As you know, she received a hefty fine from the township for having peeling paint on the exterior of her home, and she's on a deadline to scrape and repaint her home to avoid the fine. She's limited in funds and the physical ability to do the work, and we'd love nothing more than to show her we care."

More than 25 Good Samaritans showed up the first day to help out, and by the time the weekend was over, the home not only had fresh paint, but the grass was cut and the rusty car gone. In all, Adam estimates that the group of Good Samaritans completed $10,000 to $15,000 worth of work on Anne's house. Kristin wrote on her Facebook page that she was "blown away" by the outpouring of support. "People who had previously never met our neighbor before today drove over an *hour* to dedicate their day to serving her." It's hard not to be inspired to be a better citizen after reading that.

Check out pictures of the home before, after, and during its dramatic renovation in the slideshow ahead.

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